Get ready bingo fans, Drive-In Bingo is coming to Delta Val Caron!


  • Guests will reserve a parking spot for $10 through Eventbrite.  (This fee is non-refundable and does not go towards any type of gaming package)


  • We will be reserving 150 parking spots.


  • All guests in the cars MUST be 18+.  No children or babies will be permitted.


  • They will be checked in via a master list prior to entering the parking lot.  Once checked in, they will be designated a spot and each person will receive a foam board to dab, a dabber and a program.


  • Once checked in, they can then purchase their 3 STRIP packages for $30 each. This will either be done at the check in point or at a specific location outside of the hall (tent).  CASH ONLY NO DEBIT OR ATM.


  • Caller will be heard through FM radio only.


  • Guests will “BINGO” by honking their horn and flashing their lights.


  • Verification will be done via walkie-talkie


  • Guests will be permitted to use the washrooms only if they pass the standard screening questions, it does not put us over our capacity restrictions and are escorted in and out by a team member.


  • Guests are not permitted to leave their car to visit others or to sit outside.  They must remain in their cars unless using the washroom or purchasing bingo product.  



Jouer au bingo de la maison

Achetez vos cartes aujourd’hui du site


En direct sur YouTube : mercredi et jeudi à 19 h.


Purchase your tickets online -->

Curbside pick-up from a Delta location near you -->

Dab your cards at HOME for a chance to WIN cash prizes.

Must be 18 years of age or older to play. -->

Must be able to curbside pick-up cards. -->

La semaine du 7 décembre, la paroisse a reçu une demande d’aide de la part des grands-parents d’une mère célibataire. La jeune maman d’un enfant de 3 ans, se voit en difficultés financières et en manque de produits essentiels.


Avec l'argent provenant de Delta Bingo, nous lui avons offert 2 bons d’achats d’une valeur de 50 $ chacun de la pharmacie Shoppers Drug Mart à Hanmer. Ses grands-parents l’ont accompagnée au magasin pour faire ses emplettes. La famille est très reconnaissante.


Deux autres bons d’achats de même valeur sont disponibles pour des personnes de notre communauté qui sont dans le besoin.


À souligner que notre curé, Père Basile Agré, offre de l'accompagnement spirituel pour ceux et celles qui le désirent.

On the week of Decembre 7, our parish received a request for help from a couple on behalf of their grand-daughter who is experiencing financial difficulties. The young mother of a 3 year old was missing basic essentials.

Delta Bingo has given us the opportunity to provide her with two vouchers of $50 each from the Shoppers' Drug Mart pharmacy in Hanmer. Her grand-parents accompanied her to the store to buy her needs. The family is very grateful.

Two more $50 vouchers are available at the rectory to be given to people in our community who are in need.

Note that our pastor, Father Basile Agré, is available for those who may seek spiritual guidance.